Margaret River Beach Tour

By Dan Y · Mar 31, 2017

Perth, Western Australia
Margaret River
Main mode of transport
My own car
Cost per person
Big Valley Campsite

Best Bits

Margaret River has countless incredible beaches scattered across its coastline, by spending the day checking out the best spots, you are guaranteed an absolutely fantastic day out.

My personal favourite spot was the magical natural spa at Wyadup Rocks!

Dan in Margaret River

Worst Bits

If you want to see as many beaches as possible then you might end up spending quite a lot of time in your car. However this is easily rectified by narrowing down your selection to a couple or even just one beach, and spending the whole day there instead!

Trip Dates and Comments on Timing

February. For the full beach-bum experience you’re going to want to visit in the glorious Aussie Summer.

Arrival Logistics

I drove down from Perth which took about 3 hours. Setting up at the campsite took about half an hour, and then I was set for the day!

The overview of my itinerary was as follows:

Leave the campsite early in the morning, and get breakfast in the town of Margaret River. Head towards Surfer’s Point, followed by the mouth of the Margaret River. Drive North to Wyadup Rocks. Finally, visit Smiths Beach for the sunset, before returning to camp.

Main Activities

Adventure, Backpacking, Beach, Camping, Nature, Relaxing, Road trip, Water sports

Dan in Margaret River

Food and Drink Highlights

There are so many great restaurants and wineries in the region, but the beauty of this trip is that you can also just take a picnic with you and enjoy that at the beach. This way you can save yourself a lot of money, while still having an incredible experience! And, even better, this maximises your time at the beach!

You could also enjoy some of the numerous fish and chips shops scattered along the coast, with most major beaches having at least one place to get some quality fish and chips.

A quick note in regard to drinking: you aren’t allowed to drink alcohol on the beach in Australia, nor is it really recommended considering the heat and increased chance of dehydration. So drink plenty of water during the day, and save the wine for the evening!

Dan in Margaret River

Essential Packing for this Trip

Beach towel, sun cream, sunglasses, and swimming shorts are the bare essentials for this trip. Additionally you may want to bring a change of clothes if you want to visit a winery, proper restaurant, or pub in the afternoon/evening.

Dan’s Experience…

I started the day in Margaret River, where I bought some picnic supplies for lunch, and also stopped by the fantastic Margaret River Bakery for a delicious breakfast.

After this, my first stop was Surfers Point, by Prevelly. This wasn’t really the sunbathing kind of beach. Rather, it was where all the windsurfers were. This made for an incredible view out to sea, where dozens of kites and boards were dancing across the waves. Great spot for taking photos!

Dan in Margaret River

Then I drove a few minutes North up to the mouth of Margaret River. This spot is beautiful. This would be a great spot to set up your beach towel and bask in the sunshine. You can even take a dip in the cool waters of the Margaret River! I decided to walk up the beach, and was rewarded with an incredibly striking rock formation. I also stopped here for a while to have lunch and take in the sunshine.

Next up was Wyadup Rocks. About half an hours drive North, Wyadup Rocks are essentially a natural spa. You can bask in the sheltered water, while waves will crash on the other side of the rocks, and flow down into the pool, creating a jacuzzi-like effect. This place was unbelievable! The only slight negative is that to get to the pool itself you will need to clamber over some fairly difficult to traverse rocks. But it is well worth the effort!

Dan in Margaret River

A short drive up the coast is Smiths Beach, the quintessential beach. Beautiful sand, gentle waves, and as much space as you could possible want, even on a busy day. This is the kind of beach you imagine when you think of Australian beaches. I sat there while the sun was starting to go down, and basked in what a beautiful region Margaret River is.

Each of the places I visited that day could have warranted a whole day just relaxing and taking in the scene. I consider the coast of Margaret River to be a must see for any beach lover!

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