New Year Camping in Kalbarri, Western Australia - 7 Night Road Trip

By Caroline L · Mar 19, 2016

The Trip — New Year’s Camping Trip to Kalbarri, WA

Duration — 7 nights, 8 days

Origin — Perth

Type of Trip— Camping, Budget, Hiking, Boating, Nature, Road Trip

Trip Dates and Average Temperature— January 2016, Australian summer

Mode of Transportation — Car

Cost — budget trip

Accommodation — campsite in Kalbarri Tudor Holiday Park

Main Activities — Visiting Kalbarri National Park to take photos at Nature’s Window, hiking Z Bend, hiring a dinghy to “cruise” up the Murchison

Food and Drink Highlights — Finlays’ Fish BBQ, Kalbarri Pizza & Pasta

Kalbarri, Western Australia

Tips for other travellers

Consider what time of year to visit Kalbarri as it will affect what you end up doing while you are there.

It’s beautiful year round - if you want to just relax at the beach summer is perfect as it’s so hot. If you prefer being active and maybe doing some hiking or visiting the natural attractions such as the National Park, consider going mid-year as the weather will make it a lot more enjoyable, the rivers won’t be dry and the scenery will be a bit more lush.

Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri, Western Australia

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I’m from Perth, Western Australia

My favourite trip as of late is New Zealand, solo travel in lots of nature for a soul-refresher.

My travelling style is to Book the first night, then wing it from there!

It’s a dealbreaker when I’m stuck around large groups of package tourists.

Continent I know best is Asia.

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