Business Trip in Stockholm - Sweden

By Fernanda L · Apr 27, 2016

The Trip — Business Trip in Stockholm - Sweden

Duration — 2 Nights

Origin — Amsterdam

Type of Trip — Business, Conference

Average Temperature — 7 degrees

Mode of Transportation — Aeroplane

Cost per Person — $800

Accommodation — I slept at a hotel named BERNS - And I totally recommend for the ones traveling for business in Stockholm, they have a special package for business travelers.

Food and Drink Highlights — First, I’ll mention the hotel restaurant - BERNS - Amazing Scandinavian food! Then, this crazy medieval restaurant - AIFUR - Order Crowfish and prawn soup!

Fer in Stockholm for business

Our Experience

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to spend in the city, as I had business meetings and a full day conference to attend. But, I enjoyed all the time I spent in the city.

The airport in Stockholm is big, but easy to move around. From there, I took a taxi and went straight to the hotel. Berns is a very nice hotel, the room is spacious and super clean. The architecture is impressive and the food…..Oh man, the food…Spectacular!

Fer in Stockholm for business

In the hotel lobby I’ve made some friends, and we went to a club. They were playing live jazz, and I went crazy. Fasching Jazzklubb is the best jazz club I’ve ever been, and listen: I’ve been in a lottttt of jazz clubs - JAZZ LOVER HERE!!

No photos allowed from that night..

The next day I had a conference to attend. The conference was taking place at the university of Stockholm. The university is a tourist attraction by itself and the library…. breathtaking!

Fer in Stockholm for business

By the end of the day I was exhausted… But as it was my last night I had to do something cool. I researched on the internet about a Medieval restaurant the I heard about - Aifur is the name - I called them and made a reservation for myself. I arrived there thinking I’d be the weird one, but I was absolutely wrong!

This restaurant provided such an amazing service that I though about never leaving Stockholm anymore! I was all by myself, so they placed me in a long table with lots of people who went to the restaurant by themselves. We drunk lots of beer and had an amazing food experience! This bar is different because you can have a real medieval experience. The plate, the glass, the fork and knife, the atmosphere, the clothes of the staff, the music, is all medieval style. Real medieval style. I won’t tell you more, go and see yourself!

Fer in Stockholm for business

Fer in Stockholm for business

Why we loved it

Stockholm is amazing; the logistics, the people, the food… I absolutely loved each minute spent in the city and everything what I saw.

Fer in Stockholm for business


I wasn’t prepared for that cold weather, so the only thing I can say I didn’t like much was the weather - sooooo cold! - Going for Stockholm during the winter? Bring an umbrela and a thick coat!

Fer in Stockholm for business


Rate the overall trip — 10/10

Rate the activity on your trip — 10/10

Rate the ease of logistics — 9/10

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Female, 25 - 35

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I’m from Brazil, I travelled around, but I recently moved back here.

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I really enjoyed travelling to Australia.

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I’m a non organized traveller. I never plan what to do, and if I do, I hardly ever follow the plan…

I like to go on the following types of trips
I often go hiking, so, adventure trips!

It’s a dealbreaker when
I get really frustrated when a transportation issue happens.

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South America and a bit of Europe

Fer in Stockholm for business

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I’m from Perth, Western Australia

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My travelling style is to Book the first night, then wing it from there!

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