Cruise from Fremantle to Albany and back

By Kerry · Apr 13, 2016

The Trip — Fremantle to Albany and back again on the Dawn Princess.

Duration — 5 Nights

Origin — Mandurah

Type of Trip — Food, Cruise, Wine, Relax, Historic Sites, Massage, Shopping, Nightlife, Live Music

Group Size — 5

Trip Dates and Comments on Timing — April

Mode of Transportation — Train & Cruise Ship

Cost per Person — $2000 plus

General Route — Taxi to train. Taxi from train to terminal. Then through terminal which was hard due to disability but then on board got to sit and relax.

Accommodation — Onboard the ship.

Main Activities — Food, Cruise, Wine, Relax, Historic Sites, Massage, Shopping, Nightlife, Live Music

Food and Drink Highlights — Smorgasbord, fresh cooked, large variety of choice, plenty of fresh foods.

Essential Packing for this Trip — I had been forewarned about amenities breaking down and people getting tummy bugs, so I took a bottle of colloidal silver with me. Also as I had never been on a ship before I took a bottle of ginger tablets and took two with each meal each day and had a blast: no seasickness at all.

Best bits & trip highlights

A balcony room overlooking the ocean and able to watch the storms and aurora over the Antarctic.

Worst bits

The blocked toilets… Lol!

My Experience

Wonderful, full of ocean drama and storms, and loads of on board things to do. Great service and the food was amazing. There is loads to choose from and I had pre-booked into pampering appointments. My teenager children were very busy the whole time.

For first timers, go explore… A ship has so many areas for entertainment and relaxation. The food, atmosphere and service are great!


Rate the overall trip — 8/10

Rate the activity on your trip — 8/10

Rate the ease of logistics — 7/10

Value for money — 9/10

About The Traveller

Gender & Age Range
Female, 45 - 60

I’m from
Mandurah, Western Australia

My favourite trip as of late
This one!

Travelling Style
Book the important stuff, but leave some flexibility in the schedule.

I like to go on the following types of trips
Cruises, relaxing.

It’s a dealbreaker when
Uncomfortable and hard access for disabled.

Continent I know the best
Australasia / Oceana

First Last Name

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

I’m from Perth, Western Australia

My favourite trip as of late is New Zealand, solo travel in lots of nature for a soul-refresher.

My travelling style is to Book the first night, then wing it from there!

It’s a dealbreaker when I’m stuck around large groups of package tourists.

Continent I know best is Asia.

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