Weeklong endurance sport trip in Maui, Hawaii

By Reid K · May 4, 2016

The Trip — Weeklong endurance sport trip in Maui, Hawaii

Duration — 9 Nights

Origin — Calgary, Alberta

Type of Trip — Hiking, Relax, Food, Wine, Watersports, Sport and Exercise, Massage

Trip Dates and Comments — March

Mode of Transportation — Aeroplane

Arrival Logistics — Flew direct from Calgary to Maui, rented a car and drove to Kihei.

Cost per Person — $1000 - $2000

General Route — We were there to run a half marathon, swim with the sea turtles, cycle up Haleakala, relax by the beach, and eat fresh seafood.

Accommodation — Rented a condo at Kihei Bay Surf.

Main Activities — Beaches, Hiking, Food, Wine tasting, Relaxing , Sport and Exercise, Watersports, Massages.

Food and Drink Highlights — Loved watching the sunset over the ocean while having ahi tuna pizza at Pi in Lahaina. Cafe Kihei for breakfast, and fish tacos from Coconuts were other favorites.

Essential Packing for this Trip — It was a triathlon filled training trip, so we brought a lot of gear to facilitate that. If going up Haleakala, bring warm clothes, it feels a lot closer to Canada than Hawaii when you are at the top.

Our Experience

Reid in Maui

19-Mar-16 — Valley to the Sea Half Marathon 6am - Shuttle from National Marine Sanctuary 5am Fleming Beach. Dinner and Sunset in Lahaina.

20-Mar-16 — Open Water Endurance Swim, Surfing.

21-Mar-16 — Road To Hana - Hike.

22-Mar-16 — Swim Outdoor Pool, Beach.

23-Mar-16 — Open Water Endurance Swim, Beach.

24-Mar-16 — 7am-5pm BIKE – Haleakala; 10,000 feet elevation gain; van supported.

25-Mar-16 — Massage. 6pm - Feast at Lele - Lahaina Luau

26-Mar-16 — 8am-1pm Pride of Maui - Molokini Tour, Fleming Beach

Best Bits

Maui was an awesome place to train in the morning, then relax by the beach, eat incredible seafood, and drink some ice cold Kona Brewing Company beer with the rest of the day. Cycling from Paia to the summit of Haleakala was an incredibly difficult ride, but a very neat accomplishment, that filled us with a bunch of great memories and stories.

Worst bits

The worst things were probably a result of our own miscues. Buying the directed road to Hana CD for the drive, ripping it out of the package, then getting back in the car and realizing that it didn’t have a CD player. Taking the car keys for a swim in the ocean, which left them not working, and us stranded for a few hours while we waited for a new car. Driving to Lahaina for a luau, to find that it was pouring rain on that side of the island, and that the luau was rained out.


Rate the overall trip — 9/10

Rate the activity on your trip — 9/10

Rate the ease of logistics — 10/10

Value for money — 7/10

About The Traveller

Gender & Age Range
Male, 25 - 35

I’m from
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My favourite trip as of late
Maui, cycling up mountains, running through the valley, and swimming with sea turtles

Travelling Style
Book the important stuff, but leave some flexibility in the schedule.

I like to go on the following types of trips
Adventure, Beaches, Culture, Food, Relaxing , Sportcations.

It’s a dealbreaker when
No deal breakers that I can think of. Travel is an experience, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always an adventure.

Continent I know the best
North America

First Last Name

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

I’m from Perth, Western Australia

My favourite trip as of late is New Zealand, solo travel in lots of nature for a soul-refresher.

My travelling style is to Book the first night, then wing it from there!

It’s a dealbreaker when I’m stuck around large groups of package tourists.

Continent I know best is Asia.

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