Travel Lingo We Hate To Say, But Fully Abide By

Posted in the Uproute Blog on Oct 26, 2016

Travel Lingo We Hate To Say, But Fully Abide By

Earlier this year Uproute partnered with one of the coolest travel companies on the Australian west coast to offer a memorable experience to one lucky Uprouter. And we want to tell you all about it. It’s. Just. So. Hard. For. Us. To. Say. It.

Ok, fine. It’s glamping.

Awful word. One of the worst. But dammit, we respect what it stands for.

Founded with love in Western Australia just like Uproute, the folks at Soul Camping have perfected the art of barely roughing it in the Busselton and Margaret River region. Basically what they do is take things like queen-size beds, kantha rugs and bunting and place them, ever so carefully, inside of tents that are bigger than most New York apartments. Then they put those tents somewhere scenic, preferably flat. It’s all so ridiculously gorgeous that if it were food you would simply say, “nah I can’t, that’s just too pretty to eat”. Fortunately that conundrum just doesn’t make sense and you can settle in to your favourite new glampsite without a pinch of guilt. You might feel the urge to remove your shoes though.

Feeling dreamy from landing RAC as our first seed investor, we wanted to show a little love to RAC employees who shared a trip on Uproute and thought this would be the perfect way to do it. Alex was the lucky winner, who redeemed her trip in May this year and moved into her chosen Soul Camping set-up at Prevelly Caravan Park for 2 nights. With the help of Alex’s trip share about her experience, we’re here to help you decide if this awkward-sounding getaway is for you, by answering a few questions most people would be asking right now:

The tents have bunting, but do they also have fairy lights?
Glad you asked. Leave the torches you can’t find anyway at home. Your site will be the one that the holidayers on Rottnest will think is a large firefly, thanks to the fairy lights and strategically placed lanterns all set up for you. This is glamping, guys. You’ll get the hang of it.

How will we keep our drinks cold?
There’s these things called eskis… But those are for camping. Here you can request your very own bar fridge, whirring and pleasingly chilly by the time you rock up. Unfortunately there is no package on offer yet that includes bar stock and bar tender.

What will we do?
Forgot to pack your imagination? This one’s covered too. For starters why not try winery hopping? Or if that involves making too many decisions, Alex tried a wine tour. She’s also told us about yoga on Yallingup beach, surfing, canal rocks and plenty of dining options and live music nearby. Sound cool? She is. If your real question was, Do we have to leave this amazing tent?, then Soul Camping knows their customers, and their arm lengths, all too well – on your bedside table, about 63cm away, they’ve kindly left you a deck of playing cards.

Is boxed wine frowned upon when glamping?
Are you kidding? Did you forget about the fairy lights and lanterns already? And what about the camp fire? Just think about the reflective soft, silver glow illuminating your face as you skillfully drink from the glistening bag.

It’s the stuff that Mario Testino photos are made of.

For more ideas on what to do when you go glamping in Margaret River from people who’ve actually been there, click here. Or if Yallingup is more your taste, check out this link.

For more information or to book with Soul Camping, please head over to their website.